The Streets of Las Vegas

Our challenge is to slow down, disconnect from our pods, and reconnect with people and our environment. You are encouraged to make photographs that move beyond the stereotypes and popular images of your communities to present your own visual narratives.

  • When: 04/27/2013
  • Where: Downtown Las Vegas
  • Price: $CLOSED
  • The Streets of Las Vegas
  • The Streets of Las Vegas

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The Streets of Las Vegas

Who Should Attend:

Both amateur and professional photographers interested in honing a more intimate connection and expression in their photography and projects will benefit from this intense workshop experience.This workshop is designed to take your photography to the next level. This is a two-day workshop April 27 & 28. Each day is divided between classroom instruction, personal and group critiques, and fieldwork.

The Streets of Las Vegas

About The Instructor

Emilio has taught photography since 2002 for such organizations as The Academy of Art University, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the San Jose Museum of Art, the University of Hawaii and through Black Boots Ink. He specializes in storytelling photography and is concerned with using photography as visual communication.

The Streets of Las Vegas

Workshop Conent:

Photographing on the Street | Urban Portraits | Approaching Strangers | Working Candid | Uncovering Your Photographic Themes | Expanding Your Unique Visual Language | Creating a Series with a Personal Point of View | Image Editing and Sequencing Instruction | One-to-one discussions about Your Personal Projects | Photo Sessions | Collective and individual analysis/working critiques of your images | Personalized approach to photo session technique – Portrait, Landscape, Reportage | Practical Exercises

We were pushed and challenged … I learned much about attitude and approach and left inspired to push myself. I wish I could have spent a week at this and not just a weekend.
~ Martin Taylor

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The purpose of this intensive two-day workshop is to help you understand the aesthetic, emotional, and narrative aspects of photography as storytelling. Our focus is on refining your abilities to tell effective visual stories and help you discover your unique visual language through hands-on, practical exercises, personalized working critiques and instruction for photographing how people exist within their communities. This workshop is designed to take your photography to the next level. We will be working with your images to  discover your themes and  provide insight into your unique visual style to give you the tools to better communicate your messages to a broader audience.